We know that noise management can be a complicated issue, no matter what role you play in the process. Our noise measurement equipment and cloud based software are designed to make monitoring and analysis of noise emissions easier and less time consuming. Our system takes care of measurements and upload, letting you focus your time and resources on running your project. From small scale sites to managing environmental noise for an entire city, we can build a solution that will work for you.


Our measurement and reporting system is designed to monitor noise level readings on short or long term projects. We simplify your measurement tasks by providing equipment that takes the manual work away from environmental noise monitoring.

Automated data capture and communications allow users to tackle a range of applications with a cost effective system. Rugged sound level monitors combined with an online noise reporting platform let you measure and analyse noise levels with minimum effort.

We have delivered noise monitoring systems ranging from single turnkey sites to city-wide smart monitoring networks. Our affordable products and user-friendly service help environmental professionals and city councils to measure and manage noise levels on projects of any scale.

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Reliable Measurement

Rugged sound level monitors that can operate for months without user interaction. We monitor performance and operation so you never miss a sound.

Scalable System

Cost effective equipment lets you add more measurement sites to a monitoring network with ease. Just power up a monitor and the results appear online.

Simple Reporting

Our online platform performs your data analysis for you. Get the information you need at a glance, saving you time and effort.

Public Engagement

You can choose to share your measurements through our public information platform. Turn data into clear, accessible information for engaging with communities and stakeholders through a user-friendly website.


We have created a city-wide urban noise monitoring system in Dublin.