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The Client

Dublin City Council are responsible for the running of Dublin city. Council staff manage all areas of city governance including planning, transportation and the environment. Part of these duties include measuring and managing environmental noise throughout the city and minimising exposure to noise pollution for Dublin’s 525,000 residents. The city’s environmental team produce predictive noise maps to help highlight areas of interest, but they needed a way to deploy a cost effective, scalable monitoring system to understand sound levels around the city.

Map of monitor locations

Challenges and Requirements

  • Continuous monitoring all year round at 20 locations
  • An automated system that can be run by a small team with limited resources
  • Highly reliable system to minimise site visits
  • A cost effective solution that meets tight city budgets
  • Long term stability to allow year on year comparisons
  • Online readings available to the general public

Our Solution

The team at Dublin City Council knew just what they needed - a noise monitoring system that was affordable, automated and reliable enough to let a small environmental team monitor readings from all over the city with limited resources. The City Council operate an open data policy, where all the city’s data is available to public. So in addition to capturing the readings, they needed to be presented online in a way that a non-technical user could find and understand the information. We worked closely with the Council staff to develop the systems needed to meet these requirements.

Reliable and Automated Monitoring

The City Council deployed our EM2010 Sound Level Monitors at key locations around the city in order to measure and analyse environmental noise. After noise mapping had revealed some of the most important areas to focus on, the Council team needed to monitor sound levels to get an accurate idea of noise levels at these sites. To do this they needed 24 hour measurement for 12 months of the year, giving detailed insights into sound levels across all seasons and weather conditions. The EM2010 is fully automated and takes sound level readings continuously, without the need for any user input. The readings are automatically uploaded to a cloud-hosted platform where the data is verified and analysed. The performance of the sound level monitors is checked regularly so the team can ensure that the measurement stations are always operating. This let the Council staff deploy a measurement network and manage it remotely, without the need for regular site visits. The information they needed was delivered automatically, saving time on site visits and man power on analysis. With over 95% data capture at all sites the team collected readings that would not have been possible with more labour-intensive systems.

Cost Effective

The automated nature of the EM2010 systems and the competitive pricing allowed the Council to deploy up to 10 times as many measurement sites as they had previously planned with other equipment on the market. This meant the Council could develop a city-wide monitoring network with multiple sites, making them one of the leaders in Europe in urban noise management.

Public Website - dublincityairandnoise.ie

One of the main requirements of the City Council’s project was to make all the readings taken by the monitoring network available online to the public in a way that was understandable and informative. This meant presenting sound level readings to non-technical users in a way that provided useful information about environmental noise levels around the city. Our web-based platform automatically analyses sound level readings to produce custom reports for each user. These reports are usually accessed through a secure login. For the Dublin City Council project we built an open, user-friendly website, dedicated to providing sound level measurements from all over the city – dublincityairandnoise.ie. Our analysis platform takes all the detailed readings and produces environmental noise trends and ratings for each measurement site. The readings are supported by weather details and educational information. Users access live sound level readings and long term trends. The entire measurement, upload and display system is automated, allowing the environmental team to concentrate on managing noise emissions and not managing equipment.

Customer Benefits

  • Fully automated and managed noise measurement network
  • Over 95% data capture at all sites, including maintenance downtime
  • Extensive deployments within budgets and easily maintained
  • Becoming a European leader in urban noise management
  • Secure online reporting tools for environmental staff
  • User-friendly and accessible public information website