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Our company

We manufacture environmental monitoring instruments that make our customers jobs easier. We have an excellent team to support those products and we also like to think that we are pretty easy to work with.


How we work

Sonitus Systems was founded in 2007 to help engineering teams automate environmental monitoring tasks. Our very first customer needed to monitor noise levels across an entire city with a team of just two people. We built them a solution.

Since then we have grown to be one of the leading suppliers of construction and industrial monitoring instrumentation in the market. We have supplied thousands of monitors to projects all over the world, with that same original goal; to make environmental checks easier for the people we work with.

We have a simple approach to our business. We build high quality, reliable products that you can trust. And we back them up with excellent service.

ACTIVE Projects

With some of the world's leading companies in construction and tech.


And growing each month as new partners join the Sonitus Cloud.

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Building on the basics

We plan to become the best industrial monitoring company in the world, by enabling our customers to automatically monitor and understand their environmental emissions.

We provide the remote monitors, cloud software and ongoing support to help our customers be the best in their field too.

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We focus on the basics.