Dublin City Council Gives Residents & Visitors Noise & Air Quality Insights

Dublin City Council Gives Residents & Visitors Noise & Air Quality Insights

As featured on RTÉ earlier this week, all Dublin residents and visitors to the city can now access real time data on the quality of the air they breathe and on the noise levels in their neighbourhoods thanks to a newly launched website dublincityairandnoise.ie. The aim of the website is to provide ongoing, real time public access to Dublin City Council's air quality and sound level monitoring network.

The launch of this website follows Dublin City Council's commitment to the global BreatheLife campaign, which aims to improve air quality by 2030: www.sonitussystems.com/news/dublin-to-improve-air-quality-by-2030

These citizen information tools are built on the Sonitus Cloud platform. The new website provides access to six stations set up by Dublin City Council to monitor local air quality conditions, as well as the network of eight air quality monitoring stations operated by the local authority in cooperation with the Environmental Protection Agency that are part of the national air quality monitoring network. According to Martin Fitzpatrick, Principal Environmental Health Officer with the Air Quality Monitoring and Noise Control Unit:

"Our citizens and their public representatives have been looking for some time for credible, readily accessible and real time information on the air quality across their city, and this new website is an important milestone for Dublin City Council in meeting that need."

All of the team here at Sonitus Systems are delighted to have worked with Dublin City Council to deliver this innovative offering. In fact, Dublin City Council were our first customer more than 12 years ago. The early technology tools were designed to allow the council to gather data more easily. More than a decade on, we are especially proud to see the council still building on their technology and using these tools to engage the citizens in environmental issues. The noise monitoring hardware is manufactured and the network maintained by Sonitus Systems. All of the local air quality stations are connected to the cloud using Sonitus Systems remote logging technology.

These new tools demonstrate public and private commitment to innovation; building on successful early data collection and turning that data into insights that are helpful and actionable by the citizens of Dublin. And this is only the first step, our public information tools are now being rolled out by schools, towns and cities across Ireland and the UK.

The website can be accessed at dublincityairandnoise.ie.

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