Environmental Monitoring for Compliant Construction Sites

Environmental Monitoring for Compliant Construction Sites

Environmental monitoring has become an increasingly onerous function for urban construction site owners and managers, specifically: noise, dust and vibration monitoring. Permitted levels of noise vary from project to project, depending upon the makeup of the local area, and on-site activities are subject to these rules. For this reason, each construction site requires a bespoke environmental monitoring plan, tailored to ensure compliance while maintaining productivity. Taking steps to minimise any disruption or nuisance to local residents and the business community is an important element of this overall site strategy.

Sonitus Systems environmental monitoring solutions are widely used by consultants, contractors and local authorities.

Sonitus Cloud

Innovation over the past decade has transformed environmental monitoring. Sonitus Systems, as a global manufacturer of noise and air quality monitors, has been leading this innovation.

With a customised interface, our monitoring system provides team access to real-time data, enabling instant, flexible reporting. Compliance is automated by way of regular checks and SMS/email alerts will let the site management team know when permitted noise, dust or vibration levels are breached so that corrective action can be taken immediately.

Sonitus Systems - through Sonitus Cloud - offers a comprehensive range of construction solutions tailored to suit each individual project

Noise Management Solutions

Construction noise can cause a myriad of problems, especially for local residents. Complaints arise from not only the work itself, but from workers arriving on site or working outside of the agreed upon working hours, causing a huge amount of disruption and annoyance to local residents and the business community. Sonitus Systems' noise monitoring solutions make noise management simple and effective.

Our noise measurement and reporting system is the most intuitive and cost-effective monitoring solution on the market. Rugged instrumentation and fully automated operation mean that you can get on with the project and let us take care of the noise measurements. Simply power on the Sonitus Systems EM2030 Sound Level Monitor for automated measurement, breach alerts and report generation. Manage all your noise monitoring tasks remotely, from any device, and use our flexible online platform to reduce the time and effort needed to check compliance with construction noise limits.

Does your construction project require professional environmental monitoring? Sonitus Systems offers comprehensive noise, air quality/dust and vibration monitoring, using the latest technology and automated, cloud-based systems. We simplify the environmental monitoring process, giving you access to real-time data and online reporting. For more details about our range of construction solutions, please contact the team at Sonitus Systems.

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