Finding Some Tranquility in an Increasingly Noisy World

Finding Some Tranquility in an Increasingly Noisy World

The world is growing increasingly noisy and action is needed for people to protect their hearing. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) road traffic is the biggest cause of community noise in most cities, typically noise levels increase with higher traffic volumes and speeds. Sonitus Systems provide user-friendly and reliable noise monitoring systems. Founded in 2007 to provide cost-effective noise monitoring instrumentation to regulatory authorities, the company has expanded and evolved, allowing us to offer a full range of noise management services. One of our major drivers is educating people on noise and advising project managers, councils and authorities on the risk of noise and how we can help monitor it in any situation. Our goal is to deliver affordable and scalable sound level monitoring systems for the assessment and management of noise pollution. Environmental noise exposure is responsible for a range of health effects, including increased risk of ischemic heart disease as well as sleep disturbance, annoyance, stress-related mental health risks, and tinnitus. Furthermore, according to the findings by the WHO, noise is the second largest environmental cause of health problems, just after the impact of air quality which is worrying.

So how do we find some tranquility in an increasingly noisy world?

Pick your surroundings - In some situations you can make the decision to leave noisy areas or avoid them altogether. Where this is not possible, people need to be aware of the noise and take breaks from noisy concerts, shows or events to reduce the impact. Cities like Dublin are starting to become aware of the value of tranquility and are making information available to citizens to help them find the quietest areas to spend time for recreation. Check out for an example.

Do some home improvements - High quality windows and doors are one of the most effective methods of reducing noise impact from nearby roads and airports. However, these big changes might not always be in the budget, so there are some simple things that can be done to make pleasant acoustic spaces in the home. Heavy curtains are a simple way to reduce the level of noise that can enter your house. Adding soft furnishings like tapestries and wall art can help reduce reverberation, making rooms seem more peaceful. You can also source high quality acoustic panels and decorative materials to treat the acoustics in rooms. If you have wooden flooring in your home, you may need to consider investing in a good quality carpet or area rug to reduce reverberation. Not all of these measures will stop noise from outside, but sometimes it can be enough to have a quiet, tranquil space where you can spend some time. The bedroom is one of the most important rooms to consider since peace and quiet can mean less sleep disturbance.

Heed the warnings - If you love listening to music at high levels, you could be risking potential hearing damage in the future. The high-level volume warnings are there for a reason - to protect your hearing, so take the advice and keep the volume at a reasonable level!

Listen to relaxing music - Listening to nature sounds or meditation music will relax you and once you keep it at an adequate sound level it can help block out the noise around you. If your neighbours are up late, this might help you to relax in bed.

Use noise cancelling headphones - These are ideal for blocking out noise and as you won't be able to hear the noise around you, however, you will be able to listen to your favourite music or watch TV shows at a normal sound level. Also, these headphones work even without you listening to anything by cancelling the noise you can hear, making your life a little quieter and more relaxing.

Sonitus Systems supply robust and reliable sound level monitoring equipment globally from their base in Dublin. Their award-winning products and services allow users to easily monitor and assess noise levels in any scenario to ensure compliance. For more information, call the team at Sonitus Systems on +353 1 6778443 or email

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