Halloween Noise Monitoring

Halloween Noise Monitoring

While the main event may now be over, bangers and bonfires are likely to take a few days to fully fizzle out. Interestingly, the team at Sonitus Systems was engaged to monitor a Halloween festival this week. As Halloween is typically a noisy time of year, the event organisers wanted to ensure local neighbours were not overly disrupted by the noise that Halloween and entertainment events cause. Event organisers understand that noise has an impact on residents who live nearby and they are paying more attention to understanding and monitoring noise so that it does not become a headache for them - or for local residents!

As a noise monitoring company, we understand the worry noise can cause and we provide noise monitoring services to help project managers, event organisers and local councils to manage noise across entertainment, construction, industrial or environmental sectors.

Our Client

For this project, our client wanted to ensure locals (particularly sensitive groups) could go about their day and evening without being disturbed. As we know, pets are often left hugely upset with noise around Halloween and some pet owners must take steps to relax their pet and avoid them getting too stressed. Our client understood this and, as per music event licenses, a noise management program was needed to monitor the level of noise and to protect workers from prolonged exposure to expected high levels of noise. The festival was going to attract many visitors to the area and our client knew that this might cause some disturbance to local residents. Great community engagement and a robust communications strategy is generally the key to avoid any issues as a result of festivals and occasional local events. The client particularly understood that locals needed to feel heard and that by investing in noise monitoring for the event that they were being considerate of the needs of the entire community.


Unsurprisingly, one of the main challenges of this kind of project is that any Halloween festival is likely to be a noisy event. With noise sources such as music, fireworks, spooky attractions and the inevitable screams from visitors, noise management needs to be robust and easy to use. Working closely with our client, we deployed sound level monitors to measure the sound levels and most importantly, report any breaches in health and safety. Our sound level monitoring products allow for automated measurement with quick deployment, portable equipment and automatic monitoring. With our secure online platform, we can share information with colleagues or compliance checks with licensing authorities and local communities. The sound level data captured allowed our client to turn it into the information they needed while reducing the extensive resources usually required for such a project. The email and SMS alerts meant that no noise limit level breach could go undetected.

Managing the noise

Were any noise levels to be breached, event organisers would automatically be alerted to the fact and in a position to take immediate action. With our sound level monitoring equipment, the events organisers were able to actively manage the noise emissions, with the minimum of resources and by communicating with local residents. We provided the instrumentation and tools to measure and control sound levels, which gave the event organisers and the local community the protection and certainty they needed to enjoy the festive fun - except for the occasional scare!

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