Have you met...Sherlock?

Have you met...Sherlock?

Introducing the newest member of the expanding Sonitus Systems team

This week at Sonitus Systems, we would like to introduce you to our newest team member. He is 12 weeks old, loves to play with his toys, he steals your chair, he steals your heart... and yes... he is a dog. (I hope that is what you were thinking!)

Introducing Sherlock, our pug/lurcher/german shepherd mix puppy. Why have one dog when you can have a 3-in-1 dog?

Sherlock was happily adopted through Cara Rescue Dogs foster system, which doesn't allow you just to fall in love with a dog at first sight, rather they insist on home checks to ensure your house is suitable for a dog in the first place and they assess what size/breed of dog will be most suitable for your home. This might sound onerous but it is a good thing that a dog will not be put into unsuitable circumstances, for example, an energetic labrador that wants to bounce and play and run is not likely to thrive being kept in an apartment all day without company.

Weeks on, Sherlock has completely settled into his new home with his new (adoring) family. He is an intelligent puppy - but perhaps a bit too quiet to be employed testing our noise monitors.

Of course, Sherlock is lucky to have a large extended family through the Sonitus Systems team. And he has made a big impact on our local customers who drop into the office.

Like many new team members, Sherlock was a little apprehensive during his first week or two in the office - as we all know, it can take a bit of time to get comfortable with new surroundings and new people, however, he is fast becoming the most popular guy in the office!

While it is still early days, there are clear signs we will need to keep an eye on his productivity. I mean, in between his busy morning of investigating, he is taking a lot of snack breaks and has been known to nod off (and even snore) in the office.

Despite having his own bed, he believes he is entitled to Laura's chair so he insists on sitting up on her lap for long periods of time.

Maybe it's time to implement a 'Respecting Personal Space' policy for the office...

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