Mid-year check in from the team at Sonitus Systems

Mid-year check in from the team at Sonitus Systems

Firstly, can you believe that we are almost mid-way through the year?

It has been a particularly busy time for our growing team here at Sonitus Systems, including a move to our new offices at Goldenbridge Industrial Estate in Dublin 8. Earlier in the month, we were delighted to attend the Smart Dublin/Dublin City Council Smart City showcase. This gave us the opportunity to demonstrate the latest in noise monitoring solutions to local authority professionals and indeed to the public. Smart Dublin is an initiative by four Dublin local authorities to engage with smart technology providers, researchers and citizens to solve challenges and ultimately, improve city life. Sonitus Systems' sensors have been deployed across the city for almost a decade so it is interesting to reflect on city changes and how the technology has advanced over that period.

We are committed to providing noise management solutions not only for businesses and development projects but for communities too. Noise monitoring does not have to be overly complicated, in practice, managing the technology and the communication of findings is key to resolving any issues. Sonitus Systems noise management equipment and cloud-based software is specifically designed to monitor and analyse noise emissions, making it less time consuming and more effective in terms of processes. Project management involves a certain amount of troubleshooting and metaphorical "fire-fighting", with our systems in place, the last thing you will need to spend hours or resources on is managing noise. Everything is managed including measurement and a dashboard to keep stakeholders informed.

We are currently monitoring environmental noise in key locations around Dublin City as part of Dublin City Council's Noise Management drive. Our EM2010 Sound Level Monitors have been deployed and they are monitoring sound levels to collect an accurate idea of noise levels in these areas. This type of noise monitoring is also affordable, automated and reliable so it is perfectly positioned to deliver readings from all over the city, demanding very little by way of resources. The website www.dublincitynoise.ie allows users to read the findings themselves without any technical skill or jargon. It is openly and readily available to the public, with the added extras of weather details and educational information. The entire measurement, upload and display system is automated, allowing the local authority environmental team to concentrate on managing noise emissions and not managing equipment.

On the Dublin City Noise website, users can view live readings from sound level monitors, see how the sound levels change over time, compare locations and find out how noise is managed. Noise pollution does influence people and their everyday lives, so it is important that noise management is a tool in ensuring noise is managed without causing harm. We know that the biggest source of environmental noise pollution in Dublin is from traffic and this is usually a permanent effect. Dublin City Noise allows people to engage and learn to understand noise with an incredibly user-friendly website and overall experience.

Construction projects are just one example of the need for noise monitoring, with many live sites located next to residential communities. Sonitus Systems provides simple and effective solutions to developers, contractors and their teams. Not unlike the monitoring across Dublin City, construction projects use our sound level monitoring solution while our online platform monitors equipment. The system is managed and allows for measurements, uploads, reporting and limit level checks to adhere to compliance guidelines. One of the largest projects we have worked on to date was with the Luas Cross City expansion project in Dublin city centre.

Our noise monitoring products can deliver the peace of mind that compliance is being achieved, while ensuring project owners avoid causing noise nuisance locally. The products save time and reduce project costs overall. Right now, the Sonitus Systems team is currently analysing and interpreting data from noise monitoring around the commuter belt - transport links that are currently undergoing works, which are causing much upset amongst commuters. With data dating back nearly a decade, it will be interesting to analyse the changes in time of travel and congestion on the roads. Of course, we are dealing with a hugely changeable time in terms of the recession and the recovery. How did it impact the noise levels on some road links? We will publish the results and findings shortly.

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