Railway Noise Monitoring

Railway Noise Monitoring

In America this week it was reported by NBC that neighbours are struggling to sleep due to nearby train noise and vibrations, which are rattling their homes and causing sleep disruption. In the article, residents acknowledged that they bought their homes knowing they were close to rail activity, however, it would appear that they deeply underestimated the true extent and impact of that daily (and nightly) activity on their lives and enjoyment of their homes.

Railway and train noise is nothing new. In residential or urban areas it can cause a lot of disruption to nearby residents as the noise is generated from a number of different sources, from the engine, rail construction and the speed of the train, right down to the brakes or the whistle. And let us not forget that the true impact of noise on an individual varies greatly, with some people reporting noise as a major disruption to their lives, whereas others may see it as a minor inconvenience.

Railway Noise Impact

Railway as a form of transport may be known as having the lowest environmental impact but it still records high level of noise emissions on or around site. While the main cause of the noise is the arrival and departure of trains at the station, there is some regular and persistent noise for residents who may live near a train line path. Railway Technology recently reported that predictive mapping can help railways reduce noise pollution. The article reveals that a European framework called Common Noise Assessment Methods for strategic noise mapping has been introduced in accordance with the Environmental Noise Directive. This directive requires strategic noise maps to be created for main rail lines and EU-wide carriageways. The technology and software as reported in the article, works by collating information based on types of rail and rolling stock, as well as frequency, size and speed. The mapping software then produces graphical representations of the noise using colours to depict the different levels.

As cities are getting noisier and more crowded, the impact of long-term noise exposure on residents in urban or suburban areas could be huge, therefore, finding solutions to manage noise is vital. Railway noise is just another component of the daily noise that all life is exposed to and with the European Environment Agency reporting that environmental noise contributes to up to 12,000 premature deaths in Europe each year, we must pay attention to noise and its impact. The World Health Organisation has identified noise as the second most significant environmental cause of ill-health and residents need to consider the impact of noise when moving into a new area, as noise pollution can cause hypertension, high stress levels, tinnitus, hearing loss, sleep disturbances, and other harmful and disturbing effects.

Sonitus Systems Noise Monitoring

Sonitus Systems provide user friendly and reliable noise monitoring systems which can be used to monitor railway lines and train noise emissions. The Sonitus Systems team have extensive expertise spanning engineering, product development, wireless sensor networking, acoustics and environmental noise management. Sonitus Systems deliver affordable and scalable sound level monitoring systems for the assessment and management of noise pollution.

The Solution

Sonitus Systems' EM2030 is a fully automated, remote sound level monitor. The unit is designed for simple operation and reliability in tough environments. The EM2030 is the latest in our series of automated noise monitoring systems. With an extended measurement range and automatic audio capture options, the EM2030 provides a reliable measurement system for all environmental and industrial applications. For railway and train noise monitoring, the EM2030 is perfect for use in situations where you need reliable measurements with the minimum amount of effort. Simply switch on the power to start monitoring and all readings will automatically be uploaded to an online reporting system. The EM2030 kit consists of a rugged measurement unit, weatherproof outdoor microphone, a microphone mounting stand and cable and a mains power supply. System setup and configuration is over Wi-Fi link and can be done with a laptop, tablet or smartphone. This is ideal for applications where access or safety are an issue, such as construction sites, industrial or road side installations. The EM2030 is supported by our powerful online analysis and reporting system which lets you access your sound level readings from anywhere.

Customer Benefits

  1. Cost effective and reliable solution
  2. Need for customer man-power removed from measurement and analysis tasks
  3. Fully managed service ensures performance of systems and quality of measurements
  4. Automated analysis provides information needed for project managers at a glance
  5. Multiple partners can access and view information from any location
  6. Email and SMS alerts provide full project control without the need for staff time monitoring levels

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