Product Information

The EM2030 is a fully automated, remote sound level monitor. The unit is designed for simple operation and reliability in tough environments. The EM2030 is the latest in our series of automated noise monitoring systems. With an extended measurement range and automatic audio capture options, the EM2030 provides a reliable measurement system for all environmental and industrial applications.

Fully Automated Operation Save time and costs

Email / SMS Alerts Live noise control

Low Power Option Extend battery life and tackle any application

Capture Audio Samples Easily identify noise sources

Simple Field Operation Save time and costs

Remote Performance Alerts Live noise control

The EM2030 is intended for use in situations where you need reliable measurements with the minimum amount of effort. Just switch on the power to start monitoring and all readings will automatically be uploaded to our online reporting system. The EM2030 kit consists of a rugged measurement unit, weatherproof outdoor microphone, a microphone mounting stand and cable and a mains power supply. System set up and configuration is over Wi-Fi link and can be done with a laptop, tablet or smart phone. This is ideal for applications where access or safety are an issue, such as construction sites, industrial or road side installations.

The EM2030 is supported by our powerful online analysis and reporting system which lets you access your sound level readings from anywhere. Take a look at our sound level monitoring applications pages for details of how the EM2030 can be relevant to your project and some examples of installations.

Key Features

  • Automatic measurement and communication
  • Accurate to IEC 61672 Class 1
  • Measure LEQ, L05, L10, L50, L90, L95 and LMAX
  • A and C frequency weighting
  • Audio capture option
  • Frequency analysis option - 1/1 or 1/3 octaves
  • Fast and Slow time weighting
  • Flexible logging times
  • Weatherproof microphone
  • Large memory for long-term data storage
  • Automatic upload to secure cloud-hosted analysis system
  • Simple calibration
  • Wi-Fi interface using web browser for easy configuration
  • Rugged design

Online System Features

Data Storage

Our "push" data system and reliable operation mean that all your readings are always available for you. Every measurement, all in one place.

Universal Access

You can access your readings and control your project from any device and any location. No special software needed and no hassle.

Secure Readings

All the data captured by our monitors is securely stored in the cloud. You can choose to share restricted access with partners. Only share the information and tools you want.

Limits and Alerts

Set up multiple limit levels and alerts online. Contacts will receive an email or SMS alert if there is any problem at your measurement site.

Easy Compliance Checks

Just set your project limits and our software will check for compliance and highlight any problem areas.

Simple Reporting

Data analysis, trends and performance checks to give you the information you need to run your project.

Accuracy IEC 61672 Class 1
Dynamic range 16 to 121dB(A)
Frequency range 20Hz to 20kHz
Sampling frequency 96kHz
Frequency weighting A and C weighting
Measurement parameters LEQ, L05, L10, L50, L90, L95 and LMAX
Measurement period 1, 5, 10, 15 and 30 minute logging intervals
Data storage 5 years (at 5 minute intervals)
Microphone sensitivity 50mV/Pa
Microphone connection BNC to BNC
Microphone power supply Constant current ICP
Communications 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and 3G/4G cellular
Enclosure protection IP65
Dimensions 110mm x 140mm x 60mm
Weight <800g
Operating temperature -10°C to 50°C
Operating humidity 0% to 95% RH
Power input 110V to 240V AC
EM2030 power input 9V DC, 280mA
Measuring really couldn't be easier. Just connect the microphone and plug in the EM2030 and measurement starts automatically. The monitor will continue logging sound levels until power is removed. Changing the measurement settings is simple too. The user interface to the EM2030 is through a web browser over Wi-Fi link, so you can connect using a laptop or smart phone. We know it can be difficult to make changes to configurations when equipment is already installed, we've been there. So the EM2030 is different, there are no small buttons or screens and no complicated menus to look through when you are on site. Simply connect to the Wi-Fi network and log in using your favourite browser. You can download readings, calibrate the monitor and change the measurement set up. Then just reboot the system and your changes are applied. You can try an online demo of the EM2030 interface using our virtual sound level monitor. This will show you exactly what it is like to use the EM2030.
No problem. The EM2030 is fully automated so it will just start measuring again as soon as power comes back on. And what's more, we will know if your measurement site goes down. Our performance monitoring software checks to ensure that your measurement site is reporting on schedule, so if power goes off we will email you to let you know.
That's automated too. The EM2030 comes with a GSM modem installed and we provide the SIM card to work on the local 3G/GSM network. Readings are automatically uploaded to our database every day so that you can access everything online. Our cloud based software lets you manage your measurement sites and analyse your data. There is no need for a phone contract or trying to configure network settings. The data costs are part of our pricing model and are covered by an annual payment.
We have an international data solution that lets our equipment operate out of the box in almost 200 countries. This is still dependent on good network coverage in the area. We use OpenSignal as a quick indicator of network coverage and then confirm availability with our telecoms partner. Data costs and speeds can vary between networks and countries, so get in touch with us and we can find the best solution for your project.
When you receive one of our sound level monitoring stations we provide a secure login to our website which gives access to all your readings. Using this platform you can access raw data files, plot graphs, export spreadsheets and set up automated analysis functions for processing your data.
Calibration is simple and fast. Carefully remove the microphone from the weatherproof protection assembly and place a standard acoustic calibrator (1/2") on the end. Connect to the EM2030 over the Wi-Fi interface and select the calibration option. Press the start button and the system will run the calibration program. The system will present an updated calibration value which you can choose to apply or ignore. Once you apply a new value, the system will restart and begin measuring with your new settings.