Product Information

Our battery back is designed to provide true portability to our sound level monitors. The power pack uses the latest Lithium polymer technology to ensure long life in a lightweight and durable package. The high energy density means that the battery pack is considerably smaller and lighter than traditional alternatives with the same capacity. The 12V battery can power our sound level monitor for 10 days of continuous operation, including always on communications. The light weight pack means that you can easily transport your equipment and measure reliably in even the most remote locations.


Simple to Use

Based on our user-centred design methods, the power pack is extremely simple. Weather proof connectors on the outside connect to monitoring equipment and a power supply. Just plug it in and it works.


Supplied in a weatherproof casing the power pack is suitable for deployment outdoors and in harsh environments. The IP67 protection makes the pack ready for any application.


At a total weight of under 9kg the battery back is easily transported and offers excellent power density compared to similar size or capacity batteries.


The power pack delivers a regulated 12V supply, suitable for powering a range of equipment. Any standard connectors can be added to provide reliable and portable power in a range of applications.

High Capacity

The 40Ahr battery capacity allows for 10 days of continuous operation with the EM2030 sound level monitor. Our high efficiency charger can recharge a battery from empty in 6-7 hours.

High Efficiency

Lithium polymers provide better discharge performance than other battery technologies. A flat discharge characteristic means power stays at a high level for longer, powering your equipment more efficiently.

Battery type Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Output voltage Regulated 12V DC
Max output current 1.5A
Charge cut-off voltage 14.4V
Maximum input voltage 16V
Low power cut-off voltage 11.5A
Minimum voltage 10V
Capacity 40Ah
Charger input voltage 110-240V AC
Overcurrent protection 7.5A fuse on battery controller circuit
Weight 10kg
Enclosure IP67
Dimensions 340 x 300 x 150mm
Yes. The PP1240 is a smart, regulated 12V portable power supply and can be used with any 12V appliance. The battery pack can be supplied with an open ended power cable or with any standard power connector.
The charger is a smart 5A charger, specifically designed for lithium phosphate battery technologies. The charger monitors the state of the battery cells to deliver the correct amount of charge to the system as the battery voltage rises.
Yes, a range of solar panel technologies can be directly interfaced with the battery pack. Any solar panel which is intended for powering or charging 12V appliances can be used without the need for extra electronics.
Yes. Our internal power control circuitry manages the battery state and automatically switches off power if the battery voltage drops too low. The same circuitry disconnects the charger when the battery is full.
Lithium polymer batteries have a lifecycle of over 1000 charge cycles. With proper care the battery pack will last for years.
If the battery pack is going to be out of use or stored for long periods (> 1 month), the control circuitry can be completely switched off. This means there is no self-discharge and the battery will retain its charge for extended periods. A full charge every 6 months is recommended.