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    Noise Monitoring Solutions

    Automated Online Noise Measurement.
    Reliability and simplicity.
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    Instrumentation Designed for Users

    Our user-friendly and reliable equipment is designed
    to simplify any noise monitoring application.
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    Integrated Online Systems

    Save time, effort and costs.
    Automate your analysis and reporting with our online platform.



Reduce time and costs on construction noise monitoring projects using our flexible automated system.


Manage noise complaints and industrial compliance checks with our rugged sound level monitors.


Simplify environmental noise measurement and reporting, from small projects to entire cities.


Monitor and control event noise from concerts and venues with a powerful online platform.

Reliable Equipment

Our sound level monitors combine ease of use with unmatched reliability. We make measuring and recording noise levels as simple as possible through rugged design and user-friendly operation.

Automated Online System

Our web-based platform provides data analysis, visualisation and report generation tools. Access readings, control your projects and manage stakeholders from any device.

Expert Service

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Our team is made up of experts with backgrounds in instrumentation, acoustics, noise pollution and software. We find solutions to your problems.