Boundary monitoring for noise and dust

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Measure, analyse and control environmental compliance with minimum effort. Automatically monitor your site operations all year round.

Compliance and communication

Proactively manage your environmental impact

Meet and exceed your ESG goals with a monitoring systems that puts you in control of your emissions.

Sonitus Systems supply the equipment and web based tools to allow environmental professionals and industrial site managers to capture, analyse and report noise and dust levels with the minimum of effort.

Talk to us to get the systems you need to manage emissions and the tools to communicate effectively with your stakeholders.

Instrumentation you can trust

Reliable instrumentation tested to international standards. Cost-effective and scalable to suit your budget.

Information you can act on

Turn your measurements into insights with our online analytics and empower your team to protect what's important to you.

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Experts here to support you

Work with a team of subject matter experts that can help you find the best monitoring solution for your site and your people.

commitment to excellence

Protect your community

Environmental emissions can damage your community, the environment and your reputation. Protect what is most important by using instrumentation you can trust.

We have worked with our customers across a range of industries to understand and control emissions from commercial sites.

The result is a combination of easy to use instrumentation and remotely accessible, user-friendly web tools.

These provide the means for environmental consultants and managers to find the information they need to work with local councils, clients and the local community.


Monitoring instrumentation for industry

Environmental monitoring systems for noise and dust.

Class 1 Sound Level Monitor

Automate your noise monitoring to save time and money with our EM2030 Sound Level Monitor. Capture the data you need without the effort and control noise levels with online alerts.

Dust monitoring for any site

Real time dust measurement for tracking, reporting and controlling particulates on construction sites. The DM30 Dustsens continuously monitors air quality to help you understand your site.

Noise and dust in one monitor

Manage all your site emissions with one boundary monitoring station. Combine noise and dust monitoring into a single unit to easily monitoring compliance with environmental limits.

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