Construction dust monitoring

control your site emissions

Protect your people and the environment by monitoring dust emissions during construction. Prove compliance and engage project stakeholders with automated monitoring tools.


Online dust monitoring

Measure, analyze and control dust emissions with our MCERTS approved real time air quality monitoring systems.

Manage all your air quality monitoring tasks remotely from any device and use our flexible online platform to reduce the time and effort needed to check compliance with construction dust limits.

Align your site work with your environmental targets and minimize your air quality impact.

Green construction

Protect your people and the community

Respirable dust poses a threat to the well-being of construction teams and people in the local environment. Excessive dust on sites can also cause stoppages and costly delays.

Our real time air quality monitoring systems can help you get the information you need to control respirable dust and protect your people, your community and your reputation.

Choose instrumentation you can trust and expert support that you can depend on.

AUtomate your Dust monitoring

Air quality monitors for construction

Measure and manage your construction dust emissions with our rugged particulate monitors.

Dust monitoring for any site

Real time dust measurement for tracking, reporting and controlling particulates on your construction sites. MCERTS certified to help you prove compliance.

Dust and noise in one device

Manage all your site emissions with one boundary monitoring station. Combine noise and dust monitoring into a single unit.

Online reporting software

User-friendly, automated reporting to prove compliance. The Sonitus Cloud is designed to put you in control of your site emissions and reporting.

The proof

World class companies trust us

Take a look at how our customers have used our systems to protect their local environment on their key projects.

Gotham City Noise, London

Our noise monitors were used to control site emissions on one of the premier construction projects in central London. Read how our partners managed their environmental impact.

Light rail construction noise

When the LUAS light rail system was extended through Dublin city centre, Sonitus Systems' noise monitors were chosen to help control construction noise emissions.

Pharma plant commissioning

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