Construction noise and dust

Intelligence for better decisions

Understand your site with a construction monitoring system that captures all the compliance data you need and gives information you can act on.

Environmental monitoring for construction

Take control of your site emissions

Communities around the world are placing a greater focus on environmental emissions and compliance. This focus means construction management teams need to understand their sites and the impact they have on the local environment.

Environmental professionals need to be able to monitor, analyse and report quickly to help control noise and dust emissions on site.

Sonitus Systems' technology allows users to deploy fully managed environmental monitoring services. Automatic measurement and upload, online reports and limit breach alerts mean compliance checks are done without any effort.

Update your ESG plans and prove your commitment to reducing environmental impacts by partnering with us to deliver cleaner construction projects.

focus on your clients, not instrumentation

Automatic and easy to use

Rugged instrumentation and fully automated operation mean that you can get on with the project and let us take care of your environmental monitoring.

Simply power on our equipment and measurement, communications, alerts and report generation are automatic.

Our online platform checks equipment performance and lets users know if monitoring is interrupted. This  automation lets you focus on delivering projects to your clients while our monitors ensure that construction emissions are managed.

What are the benefits?

Save resources

Save on highly skilled man-power with less time on site and simple online reporting. Better data also means fewer work stoppages.

Save money

Reliable equipment with no hidden costs. Save on personnel costs and reduce project hold-ups, throughout the entire project.

Engage Stakeholders

Use our web platform to manage stakeholder engagement. Share overviews of compliance checks with project partners and manage contacts for alerts.


Monitoring instrumentation for construction

Environmental monitoring systems for noise and dust.

Class 1 Sound Level Monitor

Automate your noise monitoring to save time and money with our EM2030 Sound Level Monitor. Capture the data you need without the effort and control noise levels with online alerts.

Dust monitoring for any site

Real time dust measurement for tracking, reporting and controlling particulates on construction sites. The DM30 Dustsens continuously monitors air quality to help you understand your site.

Noise and dust in one monitor

Manage all your site emissions with one boundary monitoring station. Combine noise and dust monitoring into a single unit to easily monitoring compliance with environmental limits.

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