Air quality and noise management

SMART CITIES NEEd smart monitors

From protecting local schools to managing environmental quality for an entire city, we can build a solution that will work for you.


Scalable and reliable

We know that environmental management can be a complicated issue, no matter what role you play in the process. Our measurement equipment and cloud based software are designed to make monitoring and analysis of noise and air quality easier and less time consuming. Our system takes care of reliable data collection, letting you focus your time and resources on running your project.

Our community engagement tools also let you build customised, branded websites for communicating your data to the public. You have full control over what you share, but we handle the IT. Our online communication tools are used on projects all over the world to help promote public engagement.


Better data, better decisions

Our monitors are designed to measure air quality and noise readings on short or long term projects. We simplify your measurement tasks by providing equipment that takes the manual work away from environmental monitoring.

We have delivered monitoring systems ranging from single turnkey sites to city-wide smart monitoring networks. Our affordable products and user-friendly service help environmental professionals and city councils to measure and manage environmental quality on projects of any scale.

The proof

Smart cities around the world work with us

Take a look at how our customers have used our systems to protect their local environments and share information with their citizens.

Dublin City Air and Noise

Sonitus Systems monitoring instruments and cloud software powers the environmental monitoring for the city of Dublin. Have a look at the public site to see the results.

The Environmental Protection Agency chose Sonitus Systems to develop a national air quality website for Ireland. The Sonitus Cloud platform powers the information system for the country.

Noise in Santiago

The Ministry of the Environment in Chile chose Sonitus Systems noise monitoring equipment to measure noise across the city of Santiago. We integrated our systems into the city's public website.