Sound sensing for smart spaces

Acoustic monitoring in SMART BUILDINGS

Empowering the productivity, effectiveness and well-being of your people by optimizing the workplace environment using the science of psychoacoustics.

Understand what drives utilization

Maximize your use of real estate

Sound is one of the biggest drivers of behaviour in the office environment.

You need the right soundscape for the right team, at the right time to ensure your people are content in your spaces.

Our analytics are grounded in psychoacoustics, the science of how people perceive the sounds around them. Talk to us to understand why people use your space the way they do.

optimize your spaces for well-being

Create safe and enjoyable spaces for your people

People want to work differently. With a deep understanding of the soundscape within any given space, you can manage and flex environments to help your people work how they want to work at anytime.  

Soundscapes can influence mood, productivity and well-being. Partner with an expert in acoustic sensing to monitor, analyze and optimize your spaces.

design and monitor for high performance

Give your people the optimal work spaces they need to succeed

Poor acoustic performance of a space can reduce productivity, impact on mood and stifle creativity.

Quiet spaces for head down work need protection while shared innovation spaces need an energy that drives collaboration.

Our Sonisens monitoring systems can let you understand your acoustic environment within the context of your building.

You have designed your spaces for high performance, we can help you measure it.

deliver the SPaces people need

Ongoing optimization of your spaces to match the future of work

Providing the choice of space for collaborative working or quiet reflection can be challenging.

Sonitus Systems enables you to meet the diverse needs of your teams by expert analysis of the soundscapes of your buildings.

Use our smart monitoring system to understand the context of your space, helping you to ensure that your people are empowered to be at their best.


Indoor sound sensors

Measure, analyze and improve the acoustic performance of your spaces with our automated monitoring tools.

Sound sensors for smart buildings

Automated sound level monitors for the built environment. Integrate our device into your building to measure and understand how soundscapes affect your people and their performance.

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