We work with some of the best organisations in the world.

We worked with the EPA to develop a national website for communicating air quality information to the people of Ireland.
Noise monitoring in Iceland

Our equipment is designed to operate in the toughest environments. The construction team at Keflavik Airport were able to put the technology to the test.

Gotham City (London)

The construction team on one of the most prestigious buildings in London need equipment and support they could rely on to help protect the local environment.

Santiago Smart City Noise

The Ministry of the Environment in Chile chose Sonitus Systems noise monitoring tools to measure and control noise across the city of Santiago.

Luas Cross City Construction Noise

Five years of construction in the heart of the city, with development works 24 hours a day in busy residential areas - managing noise from the construction work was crucial to project success.

Great Yarmouth Bridge

this major infrastructure project involved complex building techniques in a place renowned for its natural beauty. Read how we helped the contractors to protect the local environment.

Silence is golden in Geneva

Construction work in one of Geneva's most prestigious shopping districts needed to progress with minimal impact on surrounding businesses and the neighbours. See how our equipment was used to control site emissions.

Urban noise management

The Netherlands is well known for having dense urban population centers. Cities like the Hague need real time noise monitoring and control during construction work to minimize the environmental impact of development.

Croke Park noise control

As an 82,000 seater stadium in a residential area, with regular summer concerts, Croke Park has some noise challenges. Read about the custom tools we developed to help the team balance stakeholder needs.

Smart Stadium display

We partnered with Intel and Microsoft to develop a solution for sound sensing inside and outside their smart stadium project. Sometimes the right amount of noise can be a good thing.

Concert noise in Boston

Boston Calling is one of the biggest music festivals in the city. When the team were putting their 2022 show together, they chose Sonitus Systems to help manage their noise emissions and relationships with the community.

Workplace noise for Toyota

The Toyota Boshoku plant in Turkey were investing in protecting their team from the unwanted effects of workplace noise. They chose our Sonisens range to help measure and manage workplace noise exposure.

our partners

Partner case studies

We are lucky enough to work with some amazing companies that help us to deliver our products, and our values, to customers all over the world.

Campbell Associates

Campbell Associates are a second generation business servicing the environmental and construction market in the UK. Technical excellence combined with a passion for customer service.

AVA Monitoring

AVA Monitoring are our partners for vibration monitoring and distribution partners in Scandinavia. An expert team with the same philosophy as our own; reliable equipment and excellent service.

Specto Technology

Based in New Jersey and servicing the construction and geotechnical industry. Specto Technology help customers all across the US to automate monitoring and reduce the cost of compliance.