Clean Air Week 2022

This week saw the return of Clean Air Week to ‘Green Schools’ across Ireland for the fourth consecutive year. 

This annual week is dedicated to educating the next generation and to raising awareness of the global importance of clean air. The European Environment Agency estimates that poor air quality contributes to 1,300 deaths in Ireland each year so this is an area of critical importance for all citizens, irrespective of age.

Throughout a week of focussed activities, students were encouraged to explore what is meant by “clean air”. This involved taking a local approach to assessing and understanding the air quality in and around their schools through monitoring data and by conducting experiments. 

Students were also encouraged to take positive action to tackle local air pollution by reducing car use, stopping car idling, walking or cycling to school, and by taking other small actions that could amount to a big difference to the quality of air for everyone who lives, works, or spends time in the neighbourhooods around the schools.

Further information about ‘Clean Air Week’ can be found here:

Beyond this important week, people can find real-time information about the quality of air locally by logging onto Over the past decade, the Sonitus Systems’ team have worked closely with the EPA on the creation and maintenance of, which empowers residents and visitors to understand the quality of the air they breathe. Access to reliable, timely information helps people to make informed decisions to protect their health and that of their families. 

Sonitus Systems offers both the hardware and software for a range of environmental parameters on a continual basis, with real-time information available through our Sonitus Cloud dashboard. For more details on our indoor and outdoor noise and air quality monitoring products and services, please contact the team at