Sonitus Systems: Leading the Way in Air Quality and Noise Management

Smart Monitors for Smart Cities: Improving Environmental Quality with Reliable and Scalable Monitoring Solutions

As cities continue to grow and evolve, managing air quality and noise pollution has become an increasingly important issue for governments, businesses, and citizens. Poor air quality and excessive noise can negatively impact public health, cause irritation and annoyance, and even reduce property values. To effectively manage these issues, smart cities need smart monitors that can provide accurate and reliable data for analysis and decision-making.

Sonitus Systems is a leading provider of environmental monitoring solutions, with a focus on air quality and noise management. Our scalable and reliable measurement equipment and cloud-based software are designed to simplify the monitoring and analysis process, freeing up time and resources for our clients to focus on running their projects. Our community engagement tools also allow clients to build customised, branded websites for communicating data to the public, promoting public engagement and transparency.

One of the key benefits of our monitoring systems is the ability to capture full data on a continuous basis. This provides clients with the information they need to show compliance, analyse trends, measure initiatives, and generate reports. Whether you need a permanent monitoring station at a boundary or a portable battery pack for independent power at compliant sites, our monitoring solutions are designed to meet the needs of any project, large or small.

Automated reporting is another feature of our monitoring systems that saves clients time on data analysis and compliance checks. Once project details are set up, reporting is done automatically, streamlining the process and reducing the potential for errors. Our online tools also make it easy to manage stakeholders, share detailed reports with colleagues, and provide an overview for local residents.

At Sonitus Systems, we are proud to have delivered monitoring systems ranging from single turnkey sites to city-wide smart monitoring networks. Our affordable products and user-friendly service help environmental professionals and city councils to measure and manage environmental quality on projects of any scale. Our systems have been used by smart cities around the world, including Dublin, Ireland, where our monitoring instruments and cloud software powers environmental monitoring for the city, and Santiago, Chile, where our noise monitoring equipment is used to measure noise across the city.

Smart cities are not the future. 

They are today’s reality.

In order to serve its residents and visitors, every city must be ‘smart’, and managing air quality and noise pollution is an essential part of building and growing better cities. By using reliable and accurate monitoring systems, cities can make informed decisions and take action to protect the health and well-being of their citizens. Sonitus Systems is committed to providing monitoring solutions that are scalable, reliable, and easy to use, empowering our clients to build a more sustainable and livable future.

Sonitus Systems offers both the hardware and software for a range of environmental parameters on a continual basis, with real-time information available through our Sonitus Cloud dashboard. For more details on our indoor and outdoor noise and air quality monitoring products and services, please contact the team at