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Angela Team picks

Meet Angela 

Angela, who joined the Sonitus Systems team in May 2020, holds a BSc. Hons. in Microbiology, a PhD in Lung Fibrosis and a Masters in Public Health (MPH).

In addition to being the Quality Manager for Sonitus Systems, Angela is a senior air quality scientist. She runs the Dust Test Lab, located in Dublin 8, Ireland, which was set up for the performance testing of the company’s loud-based environmental sensing device for monitoring dust levels in outdoor and indoor air, the DM30 Dustsens dust monitor.   As Quality Manager, Angela and her team are responsible for implementing a quality management system compliant with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. 

Career to date

After qualifying for her PhD in 1995, Angela worked at Tanabe Seiyaku in Osaka, Japan as a Postdoctoral Scientist on Ulcerative Colitis. Returning to Ireland in 1997, she then worked in a Department of Agriculture sponsored post-doc. unit, developing a vaccine for badgers against Tuberculosis. From there she moved to the Equine Centre in Kildare to work in the Virology Lab, before moving into industry, where she worked in Virology in Wyeth Biopharma and then in Abbot (Sligo), before moving back to Dublin. 

Since 2008, Angela has worked in IAQ, or Indoor Air Quality, formerly testing products in order to improve the quality of the air we breathe, and latterly through her pioneering work at Sonitus Systems.

Favourite resources

In addition to the Sonitus Systems’ monthly briefing (, which is a great way to keep updated on industry innovation through our network of global distributors, Angela recommends:  

Other interests

Outside of work, Angela enjoys DIY and gardening, and looking after the two family dogs, a parrot and her son’s hamster!

Expectations for the future of environmental monitoring

“There is a keen and growing interest in air quality, both indoors and outdoors, and people are becoming much more aware of how the air we breathe can impact our health. This interest and public awareness has heightened since the Covid pandemic and I expect environmental monitoring to continue to grow in importance as people become ever more aware of the dangers of particulate pollutants (PM10, PM2.5) to our health. 

Also, improving ventilation in residences, schools, hospitals and commercial settings is another increasing concern, which will give rise to greater demand for the monitoring of indicators such as carbon dioxide and for the use of suitable air cleaning technologies.” 

Sonitus Systems offers both the hardware and software for a range of environmental parameters on a continual basis, with real-time information available through our Sonitus Cloud dashboard. For more details on our indoor and outdoor noise and air quality monitoring products and services, please contact the team at Sonitus Systems.