Construction Noise Monitoring on Large Scale Projects

Construction Noise Monitoring on Large Scale Projects

The impact of noise is subjective and depends upon the individual. While some people are quite oblivious to ongoing noise, others find it causes them a host of negative health effects, both physical and mental. According to the European Environment Agency, environmental noise contributes to up to 12,000 premature deaths in Europe each year. Construction noise in particular can cause a myriad of problems, especially for local residents. Complaints arise from not only the work itself, but from workers arriving on site or working outside of the agreed upon working hours, causing a huge amount of disruption to local residents. For construction project managers, noise is something that requires consistent attention but with Sonitus Systems' noise monitoring solution, it makes noise management simple and effective.

Construction Noise Management

Sonitus Systems construction noise measurement and reporting system is the simplest and most cost-effective monitoring solution on the market. Rugged instrumentation and fully automated operation mean that you can get on with the project and let us take care of the noise measurements. Simply power on our sound level monitors and then measurement, communications, alerts and report generation are automatic. Manage all your noise monitoring tasks remotely from any device and use our flexible online platform to reduce the time and effort needed to check compliance with construction noise limits. When it comes to construction noise management we have proved ourselves to be able to provide the solution to all construction project managers' problems.

Luas Cross City Project

Sonitus Systems have worked on several large scale construction projects, including the Luas Cross City Project. This extension of Dubin's Luas system effectively linked up existing lines to bring the tram service across the city. The five-year project involved a number of construction phases in the city centre and required tight control of noise emissions to keep within planning limits. Sonitus Systems was awarded the contract to monitor noise emissions from the Luas Cross City works using our dedicated monitoring technology.


Working on such a project was not without its challenges, which included 24/7 monitoring for a five-year period, installation in Dublin City and obviously, within one of the busiest parts of the city. As for our noise monitoring services, they include automatic measurement, remote reporting with real-time noise limit checks and alerts, with minimum downtime during operation and maintenance. We deployed our sound level monitors that provided remote upload functionality to save time and resources. Key locations were selected by the Railway Procurement Agency (RPA) to monitor the construction noise and control it. Installation was a joint effort between Sonitus Systems and electrical contractor AI Read Electrical. With the continuous measurement, the RPA were able to gauge the impact of the construction work with real-time alerts so breaches were instantly made known through our user-friendly website.

The Solution

In terms of the Luas Cross City project, there were many contracting partners and staff who need access to the information and, with the website, it was made available at a glance. The RPA staff were able to investigate readings in more detail, making the process a lot more streamlined. Sonitus Systems' solution to noise monitoring is cost effective and its reliability proves itself with its performance and quality of measurements.

The team at Sonitus Systems understands noise monitoring and when you are considering construction noise our systems offers simplicity, saving time, resources, reducing costs and allow for the engagement of all stakeholders.

For more details on how Sonitus Systems can solve your construction noise monitoring issues get in touch.

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