Noise and Air Quality Solutions for Smart Cities

Noise and Air Quality Solutions for Smart Cities

A Step Towards Sustainable Urban Environments

Smart cities leverage innovative technologies to enhance the quality of life for citizens while minimising their environmental footprint. One critical aspect of this is effectively managing noise and air pollution, which can have detrimental effects on public health and well-being. As a leading provider of noise and air quality solutions globally, Sonitus Systems offers scalable and reliable tools to help smart cities tackle these challenges head-on.

Environmental monitoring and management is often a complex task, Sonitus Systems understands this and has developed measurement equipment and cloud-based software specifically designed to simplify the monitoring and analysis of noise and air quality. By streamlining data collection and analysis, the system frees up valuable time and resources, allowing project stakeholders to focus on running their initiatives more efficiently.

Citizen Empowerment

One standout feature of Sonitus Systems’ solution is the community engagement tools. These tools enable users to build customised and branded websites, facilitating seamless communication of environmental data to the public. With full control over what information is shared, users can effectively promote public engagement and empower citizens to make informed decisions about their surroundings. These online communication tools have been successfully employed in projects worldwide, making a positive impact on public awareness and involvement.

The comprehensive data capture capabilities of Sonitus Systems’ solution offer a wealth of information for decision-makers. Continuous monitoring provides real-time insights that aid in assessing compliance, analysing trends, measuring the effectiveness of environmental initiatives, and generating detailed reports. Whether installed as permanent monitoring stations at boundaries or used with portable battery packs for independent power at complaint sites, their equipment ensures accurate and reliable data collection.

Automated Reporting

Automated reporting is another significant advantage of Sonitus Systems’ solution. By setting up project details once, users can save valuable time on data analysis and compliance checks. The system takes care of generating reports automatically, allowing stakeholders to stay informed with minimal effort. This streamlined reporting process is invaluable for managing the complexities of environmental projects in smart cities.

Stakeholder Engagement 

Collaboration and stakeholder management are crucial elements of successful urban projects. Sonitus Systems’ online tools facilitate easy sharing of detailed reports with colleagues and partners. Whether providing in-depth insights to fellow professionals or offering an overview to local residents, these tools strengthen communication channels and promote a collaborative approach to environmental management.

Dublin City Council

The success of Sonitus Systems’ solutions is evident in their collaboration with smart cities worldwide. Dublin City Council, in partnership with Sonitus Systems, leverages their monitoring instruments and cloud software to power the environmental monitoring system for the city. The resulting public website, Dublin City Air and Noise, offers continuous real-time data from various sources, including air quality monitoring stations managed by the Environmental Protection Agency and Dublin City Council. This collaborative effort ensures citizens have access to accurate and up-to-date information about the air quality and noise levels in their city:

Environmental Protection Agency 

Furthermore, the Environmental Protection Agency of Ireland has chosen Sonitus Systems to develop a national air quality website for the country. By leveraging Sonitus Cloud, this platform delivers vital information to the public and supports the nation’s environmental information system. You can access this site directly at

Santiago, Chile

In Chile, the Ministry of the Environment partnered with Sonitus Systems and Control Acustico to deploy a noise monitoring network across the city of Santiago. This initiative aimed to raise awareness about noise pollution, educate the general public, and develop effective noise management policies. Control Acustico, with its expertise in Noise and Vibration Assessments, collaborated with Sonitus Systems to integrate monitoring equipment into Santiago’s public website. Through this collaboration, citizens can easily access live data about noise levels in their surroundings, promoting awareness and encouraging active participation in noise mitigation efforts.

As smart cities continue to evolve and prioritise sustainability, effective management of noise and air quality becomes paramount. Sonitus Systems empowers urban planners, environmental professionals, and city councils to make informed decisions based on accurate data. Their scalable and reliable solutions simplify the monitoring process, facilitate public engagement, and contribute to the development of healthier and more livable cities.

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