Sonitus Systems: EPA Launches Updated Air Quality Website

Ireland’s Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, has launched an upgrade to their website to include air quality forecasting. Sonitus Systems is proud to have designed this important resource website and we will continue to operate it on behalf of the EPA, through the Sonitus Cloud. As environmental scientists and innovators, it is exciting to see our contribution to Ireland’s national air quality forecast service have a positive impact on the environment and on the health of the nation. The launch of the advanced forecasting system on the website, supported by our Sonitus Cloud, is a significant achievement in our mission to deliver accurate and actionable environmental data.

The service, which offers a detailed view of air quality across Ireland by dividing the country into 9 sq/km blocks with twice-daily updates, is a vital resource in addressing the health risks posed by air pollution. With air pollution linked to numerous health issues and an estimated 1,300 premature deaths annually in Ireland, the importance of accurate, accessible air quality information cannot be overstated. Our collaborative work with the EPA, DECC, HSE, VITO, UCC, and the Asthma Society of Ireland through the EU LIFE Emerald project has enabled the development of robust computational models. These models rely upon a mix of local and European data to generate forecasts that inform residents of the air quality in their immediate environment, allowing them to adjust their activities to minimise exposure to harmful pollutants.

Our role in this project aligns with our core values as environmental scientists, that is, to apply rigorous research and technological innovation to solve real-world problems. The air quality forecast service is more than a technological triumph, it is a public health tool that empowers people to make decisions that protect their well-being and that of their loved ones.

At Sonitus Systems, we remain committed to leveraging our expertise in environmental science to create tools that not only provide useful data but also contribute to the health and safety of communities.

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