Environmental Monitoring for Smart Cities

Talking about ‘smart cities’ as we approach 2024 seems quite outdated – what city is not smart at this stage? Having said that, it is interesting to see how different cities define or interpret ‘smart cities’ and to follow the journey or evolution of the technologies deployed. Here at Sonitus Systems HQ, we work with smart teams on the ground across the world so we appreciate that ‘smart’ is a relative term and one that is subject to its place. We like to describe smart cities as those that leverage technology and new innovations to enhance the quality of life for its citizens, while minimising environmental pollution. You can read  about some of our smart cities projects at: https://www.sonitussystems.com/applications/smart-cities-noise-and-air-quality

Managing technology at such a scale can be a complex task, however Sonitus Systems addresses this with purpose-built, user-friendly monitoring equipment and cloud-based software that is accurate, robust and simple to set up. This environmental monitoring system is scalable and simplifies the analysis of noise and air quality, freeing up valuable time and resources. The monitoring systems can be installed at permanent features, or used with portable battery packs. Local governments benefit from the range of community engagement tools available through the Sonitus system, allowing them to create customisable sites to promote public awareness around environmental issues that negatively impact on the health and lives of its citizens. Dublin City’s map-based air and noise levels reporting website, delivered by the team at Sonitus Systems, is a great example of this:  https://dublincityairandnoise.ie/ 

Continuous monitoring not only updates local governments with the air quality data in the locale, it offers real-time insights for assessing compliance, measuring the effectiveness of environmental initiatives, and generates comprehensive reports automatically. These reports are invaluable when enabling a smart city. This data, when made available to citizens – like the Dublin example above – empower local residents and visitors to a place to make the right decisions for themselves and their loved ones when choosing exercise and recreational activities etc.

Smart City Collaborations 

Sonitus Systems is delighted to have collaborated with a number of smart cities globally, most recently being with Dublin City Council, as mentioned above, resulting in Dublin City Air and Noise; https://dublincityairandnoise.ie/. This is one example of how citizens can receive real time data from various sources, including air quality monitoring stations managed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Dublin City Council. The success of this project has led to EPA choosing Sonitus Systems to develop a national air quality website for the country. 

In recent years, we also partnered up with the Ministry of the Environment in Santiago, Chile to deploy a noise monitoring network. The initiative aimed to raise awareness about noise pollution, educate the general public, and develop effective noise management procedures. 


While we are excited about the technology and its potential to enhance the lives of people – smarter traffic controls make everyone’s daily commute better – the benefits are more wide reaching. Many smart cities are interpreting ‘smart’ as holistically better; better for people, better for the city, and better for the planet. Taking this holistic view, human health impacts surface as a key driver of smart cities initiatives. For example, with the above Dublin City project, improved citizen and visitor health is a proven direct outcome of air quality monitoring, when data is used to share insights that are actionable. .

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reported last year that 90 percent of people worldwide breathe deteriorating air quality, leading to increased respiratory diseases. Many monitoring systems can provide precise data on dust levels, smoke and other harmful PM particles in the air. This data can assist governments implement targeted/precise measures to control specific air pollutants. 

Ultimately, one of the goals of a smart city is to provide its citizens with a high standard of living and a healthier environment;  we can help. To learn more about Sonitus Systems involvement in smart city projects, click here: https://www.sonitussystems.com/insights/noise-and-air-quality-solutions-for-smart-cities/

Sonitus Systems offers both the hardware and software for a range of environmental parameters on a continual basis, with real-time information available through our Sonitus Cloud dashboard. For more details on our indoor and outdoor noise and air quality monitoring products and services, please contact the team at https://www.sonitussystems.com/contact-us